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※ KU ISC candidates must submit their correct name (in Roman Alphabet only!), nationality, and email address in order to receive any urgent change or latest information.
International Students
International student is defined as a student whose home institution is based in overseas regardless of his/her nationality.

▶ Korean student who studies abroad is defined as "International Student".

Pre-College Students
High school students and high school graduates who wants to apply for KU ISC pre-college program. (Location of applicants' institutions is irrelevant)

What's KU ISC Pre-College Program?

Korea University Students
Students who are officially enrolled in Korea University

▶ Exchange/visiting students currently studying at Korea University need to apply as an International Students.
Before applying, please contact isc@korea.ac.kr for further information.

Domestic University Students
Students who are enrolled in any other universities that bases their campus in Korea

※ If you want to change or complete your application, please send us an email (isc@korea.ac.kr)
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