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News & Notice
Subject How to Complete Program & Course Evaluation
Writer ISC
Date 08-05-2016 Fri, AM 09:26 Hits 12768
Dear 2016 KU ISC students,
As of today, the online evaluation process for the Korea University International Summer Campus (6 weeks) is open to all students to submit two types of evaluation, the program evaluations and course evaluations.  
1. The program evaluation: Evaluate the entire program itself and integrate your perspectives into the program.
Please follow the link here and complete the program evaluation.
2. The course evaluation: Provide the feedback on each course you take.
Please go to blackboard course page and complete each evaluation on all courses you are taking. You can refer to the attachment.

Your feedback is extremely important to us.  It is used by the Department, as well as the instructor to help shape future courses! Rest assured that the information you share here is confidential.
Note that, Official transcript requests cannot be processed if you don’t complete the survey until August 12th.
Thank you in advance for your time and participation, we appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,

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